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The Mediterranean countries are the hottest in Europe. No doubt the protection of buildings against heat and insufficient. Many still do not have air conditioning and who rarely provided with address of this tool can be air-conditioned to use it properly its habitat. Solar radiation that passes through the glass surfaces heats the cold air generated by air conditioning prevented then a conditioning effective.

Through a transparent material it is possible to reflect the radiation infrared and then reject them out before they are completely absorbed and converted into heat. The metallic foil sun protection and energy saving DTI reject up to 80% of solar energy due to heat and then drastically reduce the transfer of heat through the glass surfaces.

Films Solarcheck ® brings greater comfort:

• By reducing the temperature differences in areas that are distant even within the same room. Those who find themselves away from the windows will not feel cold to an excess of intensity of air conditioning ...
• make better use of natural light. Will not be necessary to close the curtains or "escape" from the windows to work better ...

Our films reduce energy costs and lengthen the life of air conditioning because 'the system after the installation of our products work at low speeds.
From the ecological point of view we can say that thanks to films Solarcheck ® you have a savings. We can not, in fact, do not think the reduction of heat emission of air conditioning systems, problems that certainly a major cause of atmospheric changes of recent years ..










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